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12-02-2009, 03:24 PM
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I'm sorry, I don't buy that Fleury was better than St. Louis. Meaner, sure. Better? I'd call it pretty even. Sorry to pick on this one point, but these are guys most of us saw play.

That said, I agree with what you said about Sutter. With Lach at center, it seems Medicine hat could have gotten a better offensive player to play with him.
Better grit, comparable defensively, better offensively -particularly in the playoffs. St.Louis has the one big playoff for that cup win, and is a solid guy otherwise, but Fleury has three- two where he led the playoffs in PPG and another where he was 3rd in the PPG. To quote myself from my first series:

Fleury has the better playoff record, with his 2 1sts in playoff PPG and a 3rd as well. He would also show later he could place high in more exteneded playoff runs (5th in 1999). To put how good these years first, Fleury came ahead of guys like Gretzky, Gilmour, and Lemieux in PPG in 1993, Messier and Lemieux in 1994 (Lemieux played on less game than Fleury with 3 less points). Pretty impressive. From his peak playoff years, 1993-95, Fleury scored at a higher PPG than anybody, including Gretzky. (Gretzky played 4 more games than Fleury in this stretch and had only 4 more points).
St.Louis has the better peak, but that's it; Fleury has the better longevity in the top-10 in what I'd say was a tougher era.

I thought he was the scapegoat in Detroit, when they traded him away so they could bring back Sawchuk? I think you likely do still have the advantage, but I'm not sure how huge it is in the playoffs over Smith

In case you can't tell by my last minute comments, this series is giving me a lot of trouble
Did you read the post I linked to? It does not at all seem like Hall played poorly, nor was the reason why the Wings lost. He seemed to play pretty good actually. HE lost to the high-powered Canadiens that were much better in the cup final his first year, and although his team was a favorite in the second year, the Bruins were only 8 points worse (and were way ahead of the team below them) in the regular season, and the Wings just didn't play that well in front of him. When your team manages only 1 goal in one loss and gets shutout in another, you can't pin the blame soley on the goalie.

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