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12-02-2009, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by YaAnotherWingsFaN View Post
Agreed, it's gonna take quite a while before we see the Franzen of old, I dont care who you are, minus Superman, sustaining a catastrophic injury like a complete tear of your ACL, is not like spraining your pinky. It's a long, slow process.

He should concentrate more on slowly building back the strength in his knee, instead of rushing back so he can play in the olympics and risk doing career threatning damage too it. Heck it's not like there won't be another in 4 more years, yea he''ll be 4 years older(33 or 34?) but if he can maintain the level of play he has showed the past 2 seasons, he should have no problem making the team in 2014.
First an ACL is not a catastrophic injury, its actually a pretty simple procedure that when done at a high level has a pretty high rate of nearly complete success. Its a longer healing injury for sure but when compared with other possible injuries it isn't so bad.

Second he wouldn't really be doing any real career type damage, when you blow one out they don't fix it they put a whole new one in. Now there is discussion about degradation of the fixing spot and loss of ROM but Franzen will have the best of best so I got to believe his ROM will be near 100%.

Some people are born without acl's (Hines Ward doesn't have any) and I know personally IFSA athlete's who have gone the entire season without one. Skiing is a different sport for sure but if your leg muscle's are quick enough you don't need an acl. Additionally there a number of athletes that have had multiple acl jobs, I believe the record for Olympic athletes is 8, some ski chick from BC Canada.

What's most important for Franzen is that he rehabs effectivley and for that you need motivation. If that's the olympics for him fantastic, he'll work hard and at the end of the day I have to believe a team doc would tell him it just can't happen if that truly is the case.

P.S. I'm not a surgeon but the guy down the hall is, additionally I have 10+ friends who have done the ACL dealio some with MCL/miniscus injuries as well.

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