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09-22-2003, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by pinto80
I think hes just saying Antropov has to stay healthy
That's exactly what I'm saying. For every Nick supporter there seems to be 2 detracters, and maybe rightly so. I mean, this guy's been living on hype and "what if" for a few years now. Some how , saome way Nick's gonna have to put it all together (meaning no injuries and an effective player) Problem is, he plays his best as an aggressor, BUT also breaks on contact. He's bulked up this year, BUT 4 games into pre-season he's in to injury #2. A shoulder injury at that (which isn't good news for his style of game). Maybe this all becomes a mute point if Roberts, McCabe and Nolan werent hurt. Who knows...........but as Leaf fan, I can't help but feel discouraged knowing full well, this is probably just the begining of the haunted injury setbacks for our beloved blue and white. Man, March isn't even here yet.........