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12-03-2009, 06:44 AM
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We can bash the organization all we want and the points made that we need to do more to help nourish our talent is true. That being said, we're not totally destroying our players.

Yandle is much better I think at this point than anyone expected. He's now a legitimate Top 3 guy and is still progressing.

Michalek who we picked up for essentially nothing is our #1 d man when healthy. Lead the entire league in blocked shots last year but he went from a non-prospect to a top level defenseman under our watch.

Mueller. For all the warts he has on his confidence/game at this point. He still scored over 20 goals in his rookie season. Yes, he's struggling but he's a proven commodity. I wouldn't lose all hope just yet. Ryan Kesler (who I love as a player now) is a player that disappointed for the first 2-3 years in Vancouver. The team even had to make a long and hard choice about matching a RFA contract offer. It took Kesler 5-6 seasons before he became the player that he is today. The growing pains can be worth it.

In regards to the current HF top 10 list. It's a list and given our change in focus this year it doesn't accurately reflect our true prospect list. Yeah, our AHL team has struggled but I notice that nobody was taking shots at our players when we started our season with the 6 game winning streak.

Turris - The focus for Turris is obviously to get stronger. I've watched most of the games this year and he has taken positive steps in this perspective. 14 points in 20 games is slightly under expectations but based on what I've seen I think the PPG ratio will increase.

Boedker - Stats don't reflect it but Boedker was our most dangerous offensive player in the AHL. His speed was leading to scoring chance after scoring chance. I know Tippett is only giving him limited minutes now but he's been effective offensively for us. He might be here to stay.

OEL - All reports indicate he's going to be great. Working on getting tickets to the Dec 20th tuneup game between Team Canada and Team Sweden in Regina. I'll give some thoughts then.

Goncharov - Was dominant at the World Juniors last year and should be here next year. I suspect he will make a direct jump to the NHL.

Tikhonov - Played well last year but again strength was an issue. Based on what we saw in his rookie season, he's a 3rd liner. I don't think anyone was really disappointed with Tikhonov's play. I think we just wanted him to show Top 6 potential.

MacLean - Well we didn't rush MacLean and he's developing on the farm exactly as we expected.

Porter - A hard working player who can play in the bottom 6 and be a leader in the dressing room. He's coming along exactly on schedule.

Summers - He's a personal favorite of mine. I think he's going to blow us away with his speed and positional play.

Kolarik - For a guy not many of us ever thought was a legitimate top prospect keeps producing. He's meeting expectations.

Ahnelov - Still struggling with injuries. I thought he'd be on our squad this year but when you see guys like Schlemko get the call first it says that Ahnelov needs more time. Schelmko btw has been very good. As has Lepisto for that matter (another guy who was an afterthought by another organization).

Brown - Based on some of the negative scouring reports (Redline) I'm pleasently surprised by Brown's offensive development already this year in the NCAA.

The only area I think we've really struggled with in terms of development/drafting is in goal. We sort of just wing it when it comes to drafting goalies. We've wasted some 2nd rounders in recent years which tells me that the recent reshuffling of our goalie coach duties was necessary. Lee looks promising but again I thought the same about LeNeveu years ago.

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