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12-03-2009, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by claude boivin lives View Post
Question to all you Vancouverites and other Canadians....are you familiar with Captain Canuck? Did you know exactly who he was when I posted that comic of him? Is he very well known in Canada?

I was just curious, bc when I went to do a Canucks photoshop I didn't have a lot of ideas, but that dude was one of the first things to come up in a Google search. I'd never heard or seen of it, but then I looked up the wikipedia entry, and it seemed like he was pretty big....there was even talk about a movie being made soon.

So, is Captain Canuck the Batman/Spiderman of Canada, or were you looking at that comic strip wondering what the hell it was?
That comic is relatively unknown in Canada.

The Canucks wear a patch of Johnny Canuck, another (unknown outside of BC) Canadian comic book hero.

Here's the patch:

Here's the comic book 'legend':

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