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12-04-2009, 03:09 AM
I voted for Kodos
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I had no idea what to expect from last round. Actually I did expect something from my series - for it to go 7. I just had no idea who would come out ahead. Happy that I was the one to narrowly squeak out a win. Great series Nayd/sturm - you have a great team (as do I, I think).

5 out of 8 series going 7 seems about right given how close most of these teams are.
Good series, Devil, and congratulations on advancing. I can't say I'm surprised at the result. Nalyd and I wanted to try building a team the opposite way from what has previously been successful in the ATD (ie. top goalie, no top defensemen), and it turned out to be pretty difficult. Appropriate, I suppose, that we went down to the team with perhaps the greatest 1st pairing in ATD history.

For my part, I really felt my interest waning this time around, which is a shame because I'd have liked to have been more a part of the process with all the new blood that showed up for ATD#12. On the other hand I no longer have the time I once had for it, so my apathy is probably for the best.

Good luck, Devil.

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