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12-04-2009, 11:52 AM
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Leadership FTW

Going back a week for this from the Big D to start a discussion on a topic that's being hit on in several other threads. Maybe it's time for a more focused look at leadership for the CBJ. (Meaning, of course, team leadership, not organ-eye-zational leadership.)

Umberger acknowledges the Jackets are a "quiet team." The players who do the most talking behind closed doors are Nash, Umberger, Vermette and second-year alternate captain Rostislav Klesla, 27.
If we're honest, this is about all we know about this topic. We get occasional glimpses on-ice but that's a tiny piece of the puzzle. We also don't really know these guys, despite what we think we can infer from their on-ice personality and demeanor. So while we might assume certain guys have the potential to lead or whatever, we probably don't.

Nevertheless, it's a discussion, IMO, worth having. What is leadership? Is it rah-rah, is it lead by example, is it grabbing guys by the scruff of the neck? And if there are different styles, does one fit a certain group's dynamic better than another?

"These are the things you go through that define your leadership," Hitchcock said. "It's a work in progress. Some of these guys are taking on new responsibility.

"Right now, it's not about what they say, but what they do. How leaders play forces others to follow them."
Lastly, I'll reiterate something I said in another thread a while back. It seems this team needs, if not a new message, then at least a new message.

It needs a proven approach at assistant, someone to help translate the teaching Hitch is doing, to "counsel" the players during their down time at practice and to make sure they're relaxed and having fun in addition to improving their game and playing "bought in". The team's current assistants are not getting this job done, IMO.
Now, from the same linked article...

The locker room, Umberger said, misses the voice of Modin, a Stanley Cup and Olympic gold-medal winner. Modin has yet to play a game this season, and injured players rehab before their teammates get to the rink.
Maybe it's time for a new role for Freddy?

Anyway, have at it.

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