Thread: Speculation: Halak for Cam Barker?
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12-04-2009, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by alexstream View Post
Huet is doing good and Anti Niemi is doing way better than Halak as a backup.

you guys need to realise that Halaks is a dime a dozen. EVERY team has its Halak and some teams hire them as their starter:
Toronto with Toskala
Colorado last season with Budaj...

Sometimes, Halaks turn out well and they become Kiprusov or Vokoun... but that's 1 every 5 years.

Otherwise, Halak are what they are : young backups, pretending that they are starter, but not willing to be just a backup. When they have the opportunity to start for 5 games, they will shine, making you think that they can do that for a long time... however, they are still just backups and will likely choke under pressure or giveaway 20 foot long rebound, right on the tape of the opponent. And if you sit them for too long, they get frustrated and play like crap.

Halaks are best in an alternate starter system, for non playoffs team (that way, they never choke under pressure, there is no pressure to start with)
Best example being Minnesota with Fernandez-Halak and the other guy-Halak.
It has been scientifically proven under the right circumstances and mental strain a Halaks skull will literally pop like a balloon whereas a much more "western" skull will relieve stress with its built in vents. Fits of crying and explosive diarrehea are also common in Halaks as they should be kept in a air tight "bubble" with little to no exposure to lights or camera flashes.

When you take your Halak out of its intrinsically sealed room make sure you give it their 27 daily vaccination shots as they are incredibly susceptable to the common cold, tetanus, crazy eye, club foot and flesh eating disease among others. With proper care and 24 hour protection you too can grow your very own Halak.

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