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12-04-2009, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
Has the bad defensive play made the goalies look worse than they actually are? Or are their stats reflective of their play?
Very bad defensive play as a team. It's not just the d-men, but a couple forwards as well, namely Sonne and Reaves.

Originally Posted by BlueBeard View Post
I've felt bad for the goalies all year they tend to get hung out to dry far too often to be good for either of their development. Now Bishop does get himself into trouble with his rebound control so he's not 100% without fault. Hannu on the other hand I felt has played fairly well(but not great) outside of a game or two.
Bishop is too big to be an effective goalie. He takes up lots of space, but once he's down in the butterfly position and gives up a rebound he gets beat five hole as he tries to recover or cannot snag it with his glove. Too many rebounds from Bishop.

Toivonen has looked better than Bishop, imo. Better rebound control and better positioning.

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