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12-18-2004, 08:21 PM
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Today I played some Shinny, I'm tall for my age and was the best player there. Not to be cocky, but I'm really good. 1 net and whole ice surface. Anyways, I skated all the way down the picked up the puck. I was tried but skated at top speed, I got the puck. I did a sharp turn and skated back, I had Jeff in front of me at the opposing blue line I rammed into him and he went flying. I had the puck covered by my stick and still had it, I was now skating at moderate speed. Did an amazing deke on two defenders at the centre line. I slid the puck into my skates and faked a deke on another kid and now it was me two other kids and the goalie. The two of them went at me I pulled the brakes when they got to me at the blue line, did a sideways backwards slide to the right and got to the side of the both of them. It was now me and the goalie, I wound up for a slapshot. All out of the blue, I skated full speed at the goalie. Then, made a 180 spin and grabbed my puck. I was going ass first into the goalie, I flicked the puck between my legs and threw the five hole.

It was amazing, I was really tired and fealt like barfing but I held it all in for like 10 seconds of amazing speed and skill. I'm soo cocky and proud.

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