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12-18-2004, 08:40 PM
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[You seem to be going to awfully great lengths to highlight York's faults here, Edge. Why?
Because never in my life has seen such a love affair and crying and moaning about a guy who is a "nice" but not earth shattering second line player and one who as numbers and watching shows cannot play down the stretch.
Whatever York's shortcomings in the second-half, he was still a better player than Poti, and that's the issue here. It's not like Poti has a habit of catching fire in the stretch run. Quite the contrary, actually. He suffers more of a letdown than York does.

But again who is arguing that point? How many times have i said that i don't think either player is a guy who does that? How many times have i said i wouldn't build around either? You're arguing with me a point i am not making here.

Last year, there was no letdown because he was never up to begin with. If the best argument you can make for Poti is that he was more consistent than York last season because he was equally unproductive in both halves of the season, and that his body is still in good shape in April because he refuses to sacrifice it in October through February, well, that about says it all.
Who is defending poti? I've never once favored or defended poti. the thread was about york and quickly it turned into a lamenting about york thread. I've even said i wouldn't trade york for poti. What I HAVE said is that York is overrated. But no one seems to be replying to that, instead i'm talking about a point i never even made.

I think you're "tremendously flawed" label attaches accurately to only one player in this discussion.
And that's a difference in opinion there. I think a player who drops off that dramatically, especially in terms of goals has a big flaw attatched to him. i never said i'd take it over poti's or that poti is better, but i am not going to get wishy washy over a player with that big of a flaw. it's like fletch said, effort is great but if he wears down than he wears down. He is a nice/good second or third line player but the amount of coversation he gets is a bit much. That was my original point, nothing more. if someone disagrees with me on that, that is okay by me. But i can't argue a point i never made which is what i've been doing for two pages now.

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