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12-04-2009, 11:43 PM
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I just finished watching the game. I had trouble staying awake through the entire thing. That is the kind of game the Coyotes want to be playing and the Flames played pretty much the same game. Both teams did a good job clogging things up and making it very difficult to do anything offensively. Both teams were passive offensively, waiting for the opposition to leave them an opening and try to take advantage before falling right back into a passive, defensive position. Both teams just about put me to sleep.

It's a shame Korpikoski looked so surprised when that move of his in the neutral zone worked. It was a beauty, but he couldn't do a damn thing coming out of it.

I did enjoy watching Hanzal playing the body early and often. He wasn't providing much offensively, then again nobody was, but he was playing hard.

Originally Posted by 60DegreesIsCold View Post
I want to know how the heck Pyatt can disappear for huge stretches of games and then score a goal that pretty? If he could play at that level all the time, he would be awesome.
He has decent hands for a big guy, but he has no quickness in his feet at all and is rather passive trying to get open. He got lucky that the puck popped to him behind most of the Flames which gave him a ton of time and space to make a play. He was just as invisible as ever before and after the goal. It was a nice outside-inside move, but there is no way he holds that puck long enough to get one on one that deep if not for a breakdown by the Flames on a fluke play. I'm glad he score, but that goal doesn't make me feel any better about Pyatt's play overall.

I'm really starting to think Pyatt just can't skate well enough to be effective at the NHL level. I'm not just talking about straight line speed here either. He lacks lateral quickness as well. He just looks like he is skating in sand all of the time.

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