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09-22-2003, 02:22 PM
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I'm with Guy. I don't get all the media bashing. The national coverage covers, gasp, the team that is most popular in the nation. C'mon, you know it's true by all of the annoying leaf fans that show up in every stadium in Canada. We all hate them, but they are everywhere. So, if you don't like the national coverage, watch SportsNet's regional coverage. But it seems silly to simultaneously criticize the national coverage for being too broad and the regional coverage for not being broad enough. Maybe we can convince Bruce Saville or some other rich edmontonian to produce an All Oilers All the Time channel. Now THAT would be sweet.

Originally Posted by GuyF
The Leafs get all the press because they are in Toronto with something like 30% of the country's market share is. They have the biggest fan base (not the best but the biggest) and all the networks are HQ there. That's why they get the press time more than anyone else.

The reason Sportsnet has so much Canuck stuff is because the midnight feed comes from Sportsnet Pacific... Vancouver. If you want the AB news first, watch in the morning or earlier in the evening and I think you'll see it as you like it. Sportsnet West caters to the western region first.

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