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12-05-2009, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by tobyandmisty View Post
I had never given it any thought in the past. I would normally just buy a stick at a decent price and use it, not paying any attention to the curve of the blade. I got a great deal on a Warrior stick, but am not sure if it is the right fit.

Is it a simple as going to a hockey store and seeing which curve you have the most accuracy with or is there more to it?

The only way to find out what curve is best for use is to experiment and take shots.

Ypou could read ever article there is on which curve is better for certain shots/position/play style whatever. But everyone is different, you might perfer a curve that these articles says is the opposite of what you should be using.

Anything/anyone that tells YOU what YOU should use, YOU should take that info for what it is, someone elses opinion. Only tou can tell what will work for you.

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