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12-19-2004, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Beatnik
I would not be surprised if Moncton get beaten by Chicoutimi or Québec.
Rimouski could make some move soon and become a contender, there is talks that Charrette might be traded.
Rimouski can put up 7 or 8 goals a game, but they can also give up 9 or 10 goals a game. And Moncton has the offensive depth to go goal for goal with the 'Nics.

Quebec, while having potentially the deepest forward crop in the league, has an unproven goalie, and lacks an impact defenseman. If they could make a move for, say Jonathan Paiement (surely a few of those Americans on the roster would be appealing to Lewiston), then they could really be a threat. I'm not convinced in Joyal, yet, though.

Chicoutimi also has great depth up front, and despite being young, they have one of the better defensive units in the league (led by Marcotte, who is arguably the best defenseman in the league), and a combo of Vincent and Verge that is very respectable.

And Crawford/Churchill is not a wash, unfortunately - especially as of late. Churchill has been letting in some soft goals as of late, and that will kill you in the post-season, especially against any of the potent offenses in the league (someone on a different board has made the analogy of Churchill being akin to Roman Cechmanek, wherein he will make the huge saves, and then have a couple of brainfarts at inopportune times). Crawford seemed to be like that in the past - and always had trouble with Halifax in Halifax - but seems to be putting it all together this season. His road shakiness looks like it is gone. If there was one goaltender I would want on my team in the playoffs, it would be Crawford.

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