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09-22-2003, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by neogeo69
I think you're all undervaluing Pisani. If he was meant to be this year's Swanson, Lowe would not have signed him to a three year contract. Lowe clearly has seen signs that Pisani could play a bigger, more offensive role and he has said as much in interviews.

This is what I think the lines will be:

Isbister - Smyth - Dvorak
York - Horcoff - Hemsky
Moreau / Rita - Reasoner - Pisani
Torres / Chimera - Stoll - Laraques

Although I can certainly see Stoll being sent down to TO and the Oilers having to experiment and see if anyone else can play 4th line centre. Rita will get more opportunities to develop chemistry with a centre, perhaps Reasoner and could be the reason why Moreau gets traded.
IMO you have pretty much nailed it. We might also see Hemsky up with Smyth and Isbister and Dvorak with Horcoff and York but York and Dvorak really didn't look good together at camp. Don't know why. They played well as individuals but just didn't click together.

And those are the top 14 to start the season unless Mike stops pouting.

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