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12-05-2009, 11:47 PM
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I don't wrap my laces around my ankles anymore. I used to do it, but found that it restricted my ankle bend, which ultimately affected my knee bend. Despite growing a few inches since then, I actually look shorter on the ice because I skate nice and low. It has given me a boost in both speed and balance.

Another problem I had with wrapping your laces around the back of the ankle is that there was nothing to hold the laces in place. The laces would slide up and down the tendon guard (just a few centimetres, if that), which would alter the feel of the skate.

I would agree with DevsFan here... if you have to wrap your laces to get a comfortable and well supported fit you may have poorly fitted skates.

I do my laces up while leaving the last eyelet open. I do the boot up tight at the bottom, snug in the middle, very tight for the 4th and 3rd to last eyelet (locks the heel in the back of the boot, prevents foot wobble inside the boot) then do the 2nd to last eyelet (last eyelet laced) moderately snug. I usually bend my ankle so that my toes are facing the ceiling while I do the last one, to ensure that I'm not restricting my ankles.

What feels right for players depends largely on their skating style. I rely heavily on my edges, and use a strong toe-push at the end of my strides. I also shift my weight and energy around... using the toe of the skate for backwards skating/backwards crossovers, and the heel of the skate for C-cuts in-tight and tight turns. I would not be able to do this without the ability to bend my ankles in my skates.

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