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Here's some detail on the play of Babe Dye from the 1922 Stanley Cup final, when he led Toronto to victory. He was at his best and worst at times, and the Toronto Star commented on his play in various games.

Game 3 (Vancouver 2-1)
"All Dye has was a bullet drive. If anybody had taken his catapult away he wouldn’t have been worth a pint of sardines."

Game 4 (Toronto 6-0)
"Dye, the lazy, acted like someone had sifted red pepper into his flannels and fed him everything but the drug clerk. He was absolutely a wild man. He checked like Cully Wilson. He was always up for passes yelling like a Comanche Indian full of (unclear), and he seared them at Lehman like he had a charge of T.N.T. behind his trusty catapult. Without a word of (unclear) he knocked the coast net guardian into the back of the nets half a dozen times and before the piece was over had the veteran diving into the shot for fear one would bowl him over and trickle by. Dye only got two, but he hammered so many on the target that Lehman probably wished he could borrow Goliath’s shield or a torpedo net or something."

Game 5 (Toronto 5-1)
"Dye laid that old black bun on the target with terrific speed all night and scored four of the five goals. When he whipped it in it almost whined like a ricocheting bullet. He had Lehman shivering around like a flock of (unclear) dancers every time “Dry Wood” grabbed a pass."

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