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12-06-2009, 04:30 AM
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Why don't you have faith in them? Is it because they never won a Cup each? It's so much harder to do with 30 teams.

Especially Iginla. I don't see how anyone can doubt him in the playoffs - he's been great every single time he's been in the playoffs.

Plus he was a shoo-in for the Smythe, if his team had won in 2004.
Plus, if international play counts, he was the first line winger for Canada's gold medal champion, and is a shoo-in to be first line winger in the upcoming Olympics.

Naslund does have that reputation, but as I pointed out in the last 2 series, he did lead his team in playoff scoring by a wide margin in 2 of 3 years in his prime, scoring at over a PPG, despite becoming effectively the only threat on his team.

Plus, as pointed out earlier, he's a second liner, so he has no pressure to lead. He just has to put up some points. I honestly wonder if Naslund's rep would have been nearly so bad if he hadn't been Vancouver's captain.

As for Paul Kariya, it's more a matter of a small sample size than of bad performance:

8 goals, 9 assists, 17 points in 14 playoff games in the 90s (during his prime). Those late 90s Ducks were terrible - they really were Kariya, Selanne, and a bunch of scrubs.

Then, on the super-defensive Ducks in 2003, he only scored 12 points in 21 playoff games as his team was a game away form winning the Cup. This isn't much different from aging superstars Andy Bathgate and Teemu Selanne playing lesser roles on the one long Cup run of each's career (only they were on much better teams than the 8th seeded Ducks and actually won the thing).

Not that impressive personally, but 2 things to keep in mind:
1) By that point, it's obvious he was a bit past his prime.
2) It does show that he was willing to play a more defensive game, if that was what it took to help his team.

Post-lockout and well past his prime, he played well in a first round loss for Nashville (7 points in 5 games), and poorly in another (2 points in 5 games).

If we're going to punish people for having "incompletes" in the playoffs, we have to do the same for Doug Bentley - no Cups, 17 playoff points in 23 games. His only good playoffs (8 goals, 12 points in 9 playoff games) came at the height of the war years, and he still didn't win the Cup. In his other playoffs, he has 1 goal, 4 assists, in 14 playoff games.
Mhm. I guess you have convinced me on Kariya and Iginla not being liabilities. Naslund is a player I wouldn't want in my top 6 regardless. Guess that made this series the hardest to decide on (honorable mention Kimberley vs. Cairo).

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