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12-06-2009, 09:43 AM
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Ive had problems with this alot, and have tried everything to get rid of it, But I think Im on the right track since my last skate was pretty pain less. My skates are the right size and everything and width, But I have arch pain. I went to my LHS and asked them about it. The arches in skates are much higher than most shoes, so when you go between skates and your shoes you should have a good higher arch shoe. If you do not, You arches will drop and then when you put them back in skates it raises your arches. This puts alot of pressure on the tendon in the bottom of your foot. I bought superfeet (The Gray Skate ones) for it and they did not help. Superfeet actually have a harder and higher arch then the skate alone, so it did not help me. I find that the best way to help get rid of the pain is to do releves(bascally like calf press) where you stand on your tippy toes and then drop back down to touching your heals on the floor, I usually do a couple sets of those with 10 reps, and hold the last one for 20 seconds. You can also do it on stair to drop a little lower than the floor.

I also tie the first 4 or 5 eyelets of my skates loosely (just tight enough where you can move the laces around a bit with your fingers) Then tie the rest of the eyelets Tight. I read this on a thread a couple weeks ago from this board from a year or so ago when I did a search on google about arch pain. I belive it was the poster "Head Coach" who posted this. I takes alot of pressure off your arch and relives the pain, while you still have a tight fit in your skate.

I hope this helps man, Cause I feel your pain

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