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12-06-2009, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by TheDrizzle81 View Post
You know what really burns my balls, is all these *******s on here cry and ***** and moan for "bullies" hockey, this is how they ****in fought and played. Sorry, I find this ballet dancing wrestling **** gay and pathetic. If a man drops his gloves and gets dropped, then its allllll gooooood.
I agree, my man. It seems like hockey fans are getting softer and softer. People just aren't used to fighting the way it used to go down even before the lockout. It wasn't always like it is now with the grabbing the shirts and twirling for 2 minutes before a real punch is thrown. It used to be just two dudes wailing on each other and sometimes one guy gets knocked down easier than another. Just because he hit him first and didn't do the mating dance first doesn't mean he should be suspended. I know a lot of times its because of a guy's reputation or that the Flyers have a certain history, but this I think was just because people don't like to see blood. Colin Campbell doesn't want the uninformed media like ESPN and other networks who don't care about hockey talking about how barbaric the sport is and how they could allow a guy to be hit in the face and knocked out by one punch and let the guy who hit him off with nothing. Everyone needs to shut up an grow a pair.

Now, back to studying. Everyone stop posting threads that I want to respond to!

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