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12-19-2004, 06:18 PM
Sather Hater
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Originally Posted by Edge
Actually he's played 5 years and had two seasons where he barely passed 30 and scored 41. That's not 50+ every season.
It's like your not even reading what I wrote and just turning everything around.
Take a breath, relax, and read it again-

He's had 50-60+ points every season except for a slight sophmore slump and a broken hand where he only played 60 games, and he still had over 40 points that season.

Originally Posted by Fletch
47 points does not approximate 60.
Your using a season in which he missed 25% of the year because of the broken hand. Obviously that would bring down his full season average, because he did not play the full season.

Again this converstion is pointless, you agree you wouldn't trade York for Poti, but your just arguing that he is overrated? I don't know if he slept with your sister or something, but if you want to put him down because it helps you sleep at night then knock yourself out.

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