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12-06-2009, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by poutineplato View Post
A lot of fans are teenagers who've watched the game for 2 years and think they're experts on everything. Nevermind the people with double digit IQs. Knee jerk reactions and non researched opinions are to be expected.
um excuse me but I've been watching for 4 years and i know everything.... jk yah im in that demographic, but im on the boards mainly to observe, and i know many ppl my age who seem to have everything figured out, which is ridculous. I just like to think the sens can overcome a slow stretch like in 06-07, which of course was a good year. This team is capable of it, thats why id prefer not to panic. DOWN WITH BANDWAGONERS!! LETS SEE YOU DO BETTER!!

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