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12-06-2009, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by DeadPhish5858 View Post
I thought it was awesome. You dont see too many players get dropped after one punch. It sucks it cost the team the game but oh well, they weren't doing much to try and win anyway.
I think some people here have been waiting for something like this to happen so we would have to blmae Lazy Jeff Carter or Scott the red headed ****** hartnell for their shortcomings. I think deep down inside everyone knows it was the wrong call, but since Stevens and Jones are gone these asshats need a new whipping boy. This all steams from that ******* Upshall getting traded for him, and just dont want to realize Carcillo has probally been consistantly one of the hardest working fowards, has played discaplined all year. Everyone ****s up. I dont think it cost them the game, that team was flat to begin with, which is understandable with the coaching change.

I found it awesome too, and hope it doesnt change his style. Players like Lappy and Carcillo are awesome and we need them.

FTR, I agree Carcillo should have picked his spot better, but Ithink he was trying to light a fire and it backfired.

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