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Originally Posted by Tommy D View Post
When Stevens left many asked who would be the next Scapegoat. Looks like most of you just found him.

Dan's a nut, no doubt. A chip on his shoulder a mile wide for sure. He's the guy you want at your back when you get in a fight. He's also not the one you want to go out with because you know there will be a fight every night!

IMO if Carcillo waits one second longer he gets tagged first. Is that what you guys want, another Punching Bag out there? I want a guy who knows how to fight. Dan clearly knows that, however what he did last night is no longer O.K. in the NHL. In the old building, fine, but not the new one.

4 games to me is absurd. Then again I liked the team, and game they played across the street much better then today's game.

Flame suit on.
That's all well and good. If that kind of play were still allowed (or encouraged) in the NHL I would love to have a couple more guys like Carcillo's.

Since that's not how you win in the NHL these days, though, I would rather he didn't do it. Carcillo single-handedly cost us the game. It was tied, things were going fine, and then you give a Caps team with that much skill A NINE MINUTE POWER PLAY. How the hell can you expect anyone to escape a power play of that length at the professional level?

Obviously, Carcillo did not know he would be given 8 days in penalty time for that play, but a little restraint would go a long way. What happened to the days where - if a guy throws a hit on you that you didn't like - you got his number and tagged him clean, twice as hard, later in the game? Carcillo is a nut, who always overreacts and never thinks about the repercussions of what he's doing out there. And yes, he forechecks hard. Occasionally he even scores a goal or nets an assist....but how many times does he need to do something like this that scuttles a game for us? Sure, this may have been his first huge mess-up this season, but there have been others in the past - notably, the Talbot fight.

He often hurts this team. Last night, he straight up lost us the game. It was selfish and it was stupid. It was not about sending a message, or shaking his team up and lighting a fire. It was all about getting vengeance on a guy who delivered a hit on him. He's just a dumb player.

EDIT: For the record, I do disagree with the 4 games. It's a big suspension, and 100% on reputation. I just still don't think we need Carcillo when we have a handful of guys on the team who can do his job AND put pucks in the net.

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