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12-06-2009, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by LordStanleysMug View Post
Wow really? Kotalik is horrible outside of the time he spends on the powerplay. Granted a big shot from the point is what we have needed for a while, but 3 million a year for just that? Come on. I really dont get the way most of our fans act when it comes to former players. Zherdev was arguably our best player last year. He started off great, and then just like the rest of our team, faded as the season progressed. Then Tardarella comes along and starts handing him 10 minutes of ice time a game, and people start wondering why he's unhappy and underperforming. Zherdev is a far superior hockey player to Kotalik, and especially given that he only wanted 1 million more, I think it was a mistake letting him go in favor of a turnover specialist with no speed who's only use is for 5 minutes a game on the powerplay. Zherdev got a raw deal here, and some fans just seem to be bitter about how things ended. I am amused by the hypocrisy most people exhibit here. We all love gritty, hardworking leaders like Callahan and Dubisnky and their monster 40 point seasons, yet we hate the guy who led one of the worst offensive teams I've ever seen in scoring with 60 points.
Thanks for your post. Since the begining of the season I've pretty much read every almost every thread where we're looking for 2nd line scoring, and today was the first time I've seen so much as a mention of Zherdev (another post) as an option. Even now many haters won't acknowledge that Z could provide the secondary scoring we so desperately need. For crying out loud some people are pimping DeMitra? 30+ y/o Demitra of the $4mm contract?

Z gone, I'm cool with it. But every scoring replacement for Z (Captain Valium, Cally, Kotalik, Lisin, etc, etc) has fallen flat so far. $900k would have secured his services but now we're willing to give up players, B-level prospects and/or draft picks for more of the same. $900k is roughly Voros salary or not signing HuggyBear. And no one knows what damage Z could have done with Gabby. I got accused of being Z's wife by some imbecile who can't get past the hate long enough to at least see a modicum of merit in my posts - which again, you made very nicely. So yes. hypocrisy is the word.

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