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Originally Posted by Jaydepps View Post
Also, if Bradley is still standing after the punch and fights then this isn't even an incident. Only reason people are talking about this is because Bradley got rocked with that punch.

Donald Brashear, who has probably been suspended the most out of any active player in the league, did the same thing to Jared Boll except Boll didn't go down. No suspension.

Craig Weller lays out 3 guys including a KO blow to OKT (who had his gloves on) and no suspension.

Brad May lays out Kim Johnsson who had no intention of fighting and even throws him around the ice when he's out. Only a 3 game suspension despite Johnsson not even having his gloves off and May being a repeat offender.

I really do think that the league and Colin Campbell really don't like Daniel Carcillo. There have been way worse things done in terms of hits from behind, kneeing, etc. that have gone suspension less or smaller suspensions. This wasn't even dirty.

You'd think getting hammered with a 9 minute penalty kill and giving up 8 goals would be punishment enough.

This league pisses me off with the special treatment to some players and the excessive punishment they give to others.

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