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12-07-2009, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by TheDrizzle81 View Post
You were here for the playoffs and offseason, everyone said this team was "too soft" and needed some grit. Now they are *****ing about 1 incident carcillo had and it wasnt as bad as everyone is saying. if carcillo jumped the guy with his back turned, or made it clear he didnt want to fight, then id be all for the suspension and sitting him for being a ******. But he isnt wrong. The whole situation has been blown out of proportion and some people here just love being negative and hateful twards a team they love, and are aiming it at the wrong people. Carcillo has played hard every game, Carter hasnt. Send heat his way, oh we wont because hes Jeff Carter. Double Standard? Yes.
Dude. There is a difference between grit and being a reckless ****** on the ice. HUGE difference. Otherwise people woundn't have said anything last year when all those other Flyers took suspensions. Being strong and powerful and being a small reckless scrapper are not the same thing.

The situation is not being blown out of proportion, or else their wouldnt be threads with multiple pages of people defending and crucifying the guy. Just because YOU think this is being overblown doesnt mean that it is in fact being overblown.

There is a HUGE difference between Jeff Carter and Dan Carcillo. That difference is near point per game play compared to some 4th liner scraper who has maxed out with 24 points in an entire season and sits in the box on AVERAGE 4-5 mins A GAME.

God, you complain about this team not scoring and seem to think Dan Carcillo more so then Jeff Carter is going to change that? Jeff Carter gets some leeway because he is one of the top centers in the game. Everyone gets cold and I want to see Carter improve, but for gods sakes man, who would you trade Jeff Carter for? Some lesser player who looks like he is trying harder but doesnt score as many points as Jeff Carter ever will? Because that doesnt help us, that makes our scoring problem even more serious.

Give me the star shooter over some hard working nobody. The shooter may be a little weak right now and not playing well, but Jeff Carter helps this team win more games then Carcillo, and that is unlikely to EVER change.

Originally Posted by TheDrizzle81 View Post
I think Jeff Carter's lack of play and effort has hurt the team more than Carcillo's incident.
Our top 6, defense and horrible goaltending has led this team to losses, def, but Carcillo is a nobody and he is a role player. He should do his role and draw more penalties then he takes. He ****ed that up royally on Saturday and put the team in an almost unwinnable situation stuck on the PK for that long and getting buried that early.

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