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12-07-2009, 06:18 PM
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When I did a rink a couple years ago I happened to have several 4"x6" fenceposts laying around but 2"x6"'s would work fine. So I laid out a tarp, laid the posts around the outside with about 6"-8" of tarp left to fold up the sides of the posts and then just packed snow up against the sides to keep the tarp in place. Filled it with water and let it freeze. If you need to level the boards a little just put some scrap lumber or whatever underneath them. You will quickly find out how level your yard isn't when you start making a rink. As for the hose it wont freeze as long as the water is running. I flooded mine when it was -30c outside. The trick is to take the hose inside right after you flood 'cause if it does freeze up you're screwed, you will need to flood several times. The rink I did was only 24'x24', perfect for my at the time 3 and 5 Year olds to learn on but this method should work fine with the biggest tarp you can find. I suppose you could do it with plywood too, you would just need to brace it some. Hope that helps, good luck!

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