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Originally Posted by gojacketsgo61 View Post
thanks for the help. I'm putting the tarp over the snow, the reason for the snow is to level it out a bit. I really just need to hope for good winter weather now.

Also to build a ice resurfacer don't i just need like PVC tubing and hot water or something like that?
If you plan on plastic on packed snow the ground moves all winter with heaving and it may cause some ice cracks or hollow spots where a skates will go through.

If you can get the ice thick enough you won't have that issue.

I have made a rink in my backyard for a few years but did not last year and i am not this year. there are a few places to play around here so it is easier just to go there i suppose.

I would resurface the old fashioned way, shovel it off if used heavily then sweep it with a push broom clean. Most of the time sitting in the sun all day resurfaced it by itself or I would spray a very fine mist coating in a cone shape with a garden hose nozzle. Not those plastic crap ones but the old fashioned brass hose nozzle.

basically though I place plastic right on the bare grass lawn and then flooded it. Water is self levelling obviously unless your ground you are using is very uneven I would scratch the packed snow idea.

Also you should plan on having at least one hole in your plastic, or I just had bad luck for 5 years straight.

Also I used two sets of outdoor worklights for playing at night.

Anyhew good luck .... here is what mine looked like.

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