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12-07-2009, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by gojacketsgo61 View Post
thanks for the help. I'm putting the tarp over the snow, the reason for the snow is to level it out a bit. I really just need to hope for good winter weather now.

Also to build a ice resurfacer don't i just need like PVC tubing and hot water or something like that?
Originally Posted by madmutter View Post
And a mop.
I built a PVC resurfacer last year and it works great. It's just a "T", maybe 4.5 feet tall and each of the upper arms about 1.5 feet from the junction. Drill holes just through one side of the T arms, about an inch apart. Instead of a mop, I used an old towel (I cut it to about 8" wide) and some zip ties to keep it attached. I drilled the holes at the very end of each T arm through both sides, and threaded the zip tie through, so it would not bunch up (if you just go around the T arms, the ties will tend to slide towards the middle).

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