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1. You need to measure your ATK, or ankle to knee, to get the best idea of the pad size you need. Do some googling on how to get this measurement, and find a sizing chart to figure out what you need since I don't know offhand. The ATK will show you what size pad will fit properly in the sense that your knee will sit where your knee is supposed to sit. Then, say if its 36, you can get 36+2 if you really want a taller pad.

2. Generally it won't hurt at all. If you have any fear of getting hit when you're in the crease you shouldn't be a goalie. A slapper to the palm can hurt quite a bit, and sometimes the puck will find a chink in your armor but its rare. Getting hit in the head is probably the worst, ususally makes my ears ring and can apparently (I've never seen this personally) give you a concussion if you have a cheap mask.

3. Mask/cage combo? You mean like Osgood wears? If you get the old school Cooper ones off Ebay just like his, I've only heard good things about them. They are usually really cheap that way, as well. Otherwise, do NOT skimp out on your mask. Getting hit in weak pads just hurts, getting hit in a ****** mask can be dangerous.

4. Once you find your ATK check ebay every day looking for some pro pads that will fit you. Its not the end of the world to get cheaper, brand new senior pads, but finding second hand pro level stuff is pretty much always the better option.

Don't worry too much right now about how wide your butterfly is. When you have pads on you'll be on the knee stack, and your pads will be on ice. These two factors alone will help out a lot. Even then is far from the most important things a new goalie should concentrate on. In my opinion its more important to get your knees together than to have a wide bfly.

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