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12-20-2004, 02:04 PM
Blind Gardien
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I will stick with Blunden since he's easy to pigeon-hole even with just a handful of viewings, and Wilson because I see him a lot. (I've seen the others once or twice, but you'll get better reviews on them elsewhere).

Like everybody else is saying, I think Blunden is kind of the prototypical "safe" up and down winger. He works hard, he bangs around, has good size, and skates well. He isn't as smart coming back on defense as he should be, however, given his projected role as a two-way winger, and his skating ability. But he'll learn. I guess he might be held back in some scouts' eyes by being a late '86 birthdate, but personally I don't look at that. I wish he'd develop a true mean streak, and that he'd pay more strict attention to his defensive assignments, but otherwise he has good banging winger potential.

Wilson has at various times been my personal favourite "sleeper" pick, since I'm kind of a Majors fan-by-default-living-location, if not by-heart. I'm still a little bit unsure about him, though. What I am pretty sure of is that he can be a really good OHL defenseman over his remaining junior years, especially if he gets on the right team. What I'm not sure of is how well he projects as a pro. He reminds me a bit of Kyle Quincey at the same age, and I had similar uncertainties about Quincey. But look at Quincey now. I'd gladly spend the 4th round pick on Quincey or Wilson.

Already Wilson has outshone McIver and Lehman on the Majors, if you ask me. He's a bit raw and uncertain at times, but he has the ability to rough it up and drop the gloves, and the ability to jump in on offense. Sometimes his timing isn't quite right, though. He also has a howitzer on the point, though he telegraphs it too much. But all of these things, he still has 2 more years in junior to refine, at the end of which who knows he might just end up like Quincey. Part of his perceived skating problem might be mental too, because sometimes he looks like he's thinking about turning one way or stopping or starting and then is second-guessing himself and ending up looking a bit more rough in that department than he really is.

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