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12-08-2009, 11:17 AM
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I will say it again: Scott Parse is just a good hockey player.

Have to agree that he doesn't get sent down again this year and find the comparison to Purcell laughable. Parse has simply outplayed Purcell in every facet of the game, even playing better on the PP by simply sitting on the bench during them. He hits, he back-checks hard and has better "vision" or whatever the Kings are hung up on with Purcell.

Right to the front of the net last night and then a world-class move on an elite goaltender. Purcell would have circled back towards the boards, waited for a trailer and then dumped it behind the net....that or shoot a wrist shot into the defender's pads.

Also, Parse has looked good on any line you put him on. He doesn't need to be force-fed powerplay minutes or get multiple shots on the 1st line to succeed. I can't wait until Smyth is back so Frolov can shuffle down to the line with Stoll and Brown and the Kings roll 3 legit scoring lines.

The obvious choice of Drewiske over Modry was apparent last night as TM rolled 5 defenseman for the 3rd period. I know he got a classic "Modry Point" (second assist off of a great individual effort by the goal scorer) but he was awful; the need for a better defensive d-man against a big Calgary team was evident before the game and more evident in the 3rd.

Wins though!!! Ivanans even took part in a real good HW tilt so it's hard to complain.

From 306, you can tell that Pat O'Neal shows more skin via his scalp than Heidi does at all. It makes sense that he does Duck broadcasts since he and Getzlaf must be tight.

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