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09-22-2003, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by fedabiblio
The Score's got that hot chick though. Martine Gaillard or whatever her name. Now that I've just thought about her I must abort to my room to be by myself for a few minutes. Later.
Speaking of Martine....

Did any of you catch this episode of Martine and Greg during the summer? It was Martine's first day back from a summer break, and she was talking about how much fun she had had a golf tournament in Lloydminster with Cory Cross and Wade Redden. From there, she got to talking about how her game had significantly improved as a result of lessons she had been getting from a Golf pro known to both her and Greg. Then she comes up with the classic (but obviously inadvertant) line that went something like this. You know Greg, you, me and [the Golf instructor] should really do a THREESOME some time (i.e. she innocently extrapolated that if 4 players in a round of golf is a foursome, then three people playing a round at the same time should make a threesome).

Greg replies (and I'm pretty sure I've got it verbatim here): "Yeah, that'd be good" (smiling slightly, but trying not to bring undue attention to Martine's "faux pas"). By this time, Martine has figured out that she said something fairly hillarious but can't really do anything about it without worsening the situation. Fortunately for her though, it's close to the end of their segment. Just before the fade away, you can see both Greg and Martine about to break out into hysterical laughter...

Anyhoo. My hats off to Martine. A great sport in all senses of the word. Has to be my favourite sportscaster on TV, and I really like her segments with Sansone.

p.s. - I generally don't find the score to be nearly as Maple Leaf focused as TSN.

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