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12-08-2009, 01:26 PM
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I have my reservations as well about Mess as GM.

I absolutely love him as a player, and a leader and he's the reason in large part for us winning the cup in '94 but I am not so sure whether it is the greatest idea for him to be GM for the following reasons:

1) He is learning from Glen Sather -- who I think 90% of Rangers fans feel is doing a poor job managing our team and has made some huge blunders in his tenure here. Yes he had a relatively good off-season this past summer, but that doesn't automatically negate the years of awful moves and hamstringing contracts he's brought aboard.

2) Mark has no executive experience. He did not go to business school (unless I'm out of the loop), he hasn't been in many decision-making situations before (outside of the ice, mind you) which makes me uneasy.

3) Doesn't have much experience as a coach (unless, again, I'm out of the loop).


Here are the good things:

1) He is the messiah of NYR fans for good reason, and is well-liked.

2) He has demonstrated incredible leadership ability, as well as credibility on and off the ice.

3) He was a player in the NHL for a long time and saw how two successful franchises conducted their business (from a player perspective) -- the Oilers and NYR.

4) He is a very dedicated person and ensures he achieves goals set out in advance.


Now, discussion. We all love Wayne Gretzky as a player, as a person, and as an icon. But we all know how well he fared in Phoenix. Great ability and leadership on the ice does not translate to good coaching ability and leadership off the ice necessarily.

It's a bit unfair to cite Gretzky only in this regard because the roster he was working with in Phoenix (lets be serious now) wasn't too talented and you can only get so much out of players.

I fear similar things could happen putting Messier in a position as Gretzky was (granted, not head coach -- rather GM) but I would feel more comfortable knowing Mess had some years as a head coach in the NHL before becoming GM, or having some business experience. This would allow us to see how he would fare before putting him in such an important and crucial position as GM.

I think what should happen is that Jim Schoenfeld become GM of the NYR as soon as possible (gtfo Sather!) and make Mark Messier Assistant GM for at least a year or two. I know JS has a lot on his plate with Hartford as well as coaching NYR defense so effectively Mark and Jim could share the responsibilities so the latter could do his other duties -- all while giving Mess some live experience from someone we know is a competent GM.

What do you guys think?

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