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12-08-2009, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I have:

1. Kharlamov
2. Makarov
3. Firsov
4. Mikhailov
5. Fedorov
6. Maltsev

Who else do you have over Maltsev? He's definitely better than Petrov and almost certainly better than Krutov. I can see Larionov - Maltsev beats him in peak pretty easily, but Larionov had such a long, productive career.

Ovechkin, perhaps, hard to place him quite yet.

Bure? Maybe if he played longer.
I'm only counting Russian players who played their primes in the Soviet league. Fedorov, Mogilny, Bure, etc. played enough in NA that we can compare them to NA players pretty easily.

Kharlamov, Firsov, Maltsev, and Mikhailov are easily the top-4.... but my order changes all the time.

I have Yakushev in 5th.

Maltsev, Patrov, Krutov, Petrov, and Larionov are the rest of the top-10... but I can't figure out the order.

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