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12-08-2009, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
Well the anthem is usually butchered, last night was just a special butchering worth mentioning for how awful it was. I didn't mean to relate the two thoughts other than my ears didn't like either.

I get that its a melting pot here, I just don't like the "lowest common denominator" attitude towards appeal. If the melting pot argument is valid, then where's the death and black metal I know just from these boards that so many Kings fans listen to?
So, you don't like the fact that Staples is trying to draw in the minority crowd? Why?

And I'd hardly call the Black Eyed Peas the "lowest common denominator" in hip hop.

Their "Pump It" play on that song from Pulp Fiction is used in a lot of arenas.

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