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12-20-2004, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Accord
What about a player spending ~$220 on a pair of Eagle H34 gloves? I know if I ever spent that much money on gloves, player or goalie, i'd want some sort of personalization.
I'm not picking on you Accord, but at the recreational or any level under pro (and even then), do players really need $220 gloves? What do they offer that the cheaper gloves don't? When I skate out I have used both and actually prefer the cheap ones-- they felt the exact same to me and both have lasted the same amount of time. It seems kind of frivolous to me. Had it not been for the broken bones I've suffered in my hands because they're too small for adult padding, I wouldn't have ever spent what I did on a new glove and blocker.

If you buy an expensive stick and skate like my 3 year old cousin, you're still not going to be a super star in your league. And what good is a slapshot that's 10 mph faster if you can't hit the net regardless? So I don't buy the idea that expensive equipment makes you better.