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12-08-2009, 07:09 PM
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Thanks for the kind feedback. Much better than getting flamed to no end on other boards.

I made an account over at GoalieStore, and I have been reading their stuff for weeks now, but there seems to be a point where reading makes your brain mush and you just have to try and apply the stuff.

I'm still trying to stretch a lot, I realize it would change on the ice, warmed up and with pads, but you know how it goes, you have time to think and you become hyper-critical.

My goal is to make it to the top leagues at local rinks, I doubt logistically I could put that much effort to make it to a low level semi-pro league, but I am going to give it my best shot. I'm 22 years old, and played hockey when I was little growing up in Finland.

One other question about pads...I assume that whatever I buy, new or used, should have leather straps? It's difficult for me to be able to tell which pads are "pro" and which are "senior" because a lot of people talk about their pro pads costing 1200-1400 new...but I see some pads that say "Senior" that have an MSRP around 1100 or 1200 and are on sale for like 600-800. Being that many of the nicer used pads are about 500-650, I figured buying a new pair that are in that range wouldn't be bad, but maybe I'm just still aiming too low in price.

I assumed that leg pads down around the 400 and lower mark are the ones you want to keep away from, but the ones upwards of 800 are what I should be looking at. I know has been said to sell cheapo imports from Asia of some pads, mainly the lower end ones, and just has the logos of the big brands on them, but what price range would signify a pro level, or quality senior level pad? I'm trying to decide if I can really save buying used, if I want something I can grow with, because I'm not physically growing any further.

Sorry for all the questions. I read reviews but it's a bit hard to understand how they relate to me...and I'd rather not be one of those people who just puts links up to every potential deal they find and expect amazing quality and answers. lol.

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