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12-08-2009, 10:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Ajlepisto View Post
Or there are the pads like the RBK II 8k Seniors that are MSRP around 600 and on sale for like $450.
I can't speak for the 8k pads, but when you're choosing gloves I'd stay away from the 8k's. They were of terrible quality for me; within a few months, the nylon on the trapper ripping, fraying, and opening right up. The nylon on the blocker also wore out. Almost identical to what happened in this thread, though the strapping in the glove internals didn't rip for me.

In addition to the GSBB thread above, there's more complaints about the 8k gloves in this thread, including a post from me: If it was just one person who reported problems, I'd write it off, but when there's so many people with the same problems it's a huge red flag.

Ironically, I found the RBK 5k pads to be of great quality, wore them for two years and not a fray, tear, or worn-out area (except one small spot on my calf guard). Ironic because the 5k's were the low-end senior series and the 8k's were the high-end senior series.

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