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Originally Posted by Ajlepisto View Post
One other question about pads...I assume that whatever I buy, new or used, should have leather straps? It's difficult for me to be able to tell which pads are "pro" and which are "senior" because a lot of people talk about their pro pads costing 1200-1400 new...but I see some pads that say "Senior" that have an MSRP around 1100 or 1200 and are on sale for like 600-800. Being that many of the nicer used pads are about 500-650, I figured buying a new pair that are in that range wouldn't be bad, but maybe I'm just still aiming too low in price.
Many goalies prefer nylon straps to leather ones, including pros. There's not much difference in durability -- especially when metal buckles are used instead of plastic ones. Nylon straps let the goalie fine-tune the strap length to the millimeter and be able to quickly snap-snap-snap them all on. Whereas there's always a bit of compromise with length for leather straps (this hole or that one?) and they take a bit longer to do up.

There are many subtle differences to telling which pads are pro and which are senior. Checking the model number is the easiest way, like how the pro-level Vaughn V3's are 7500 and the senior level ones are 7400. Country of origin is also a good indicator, as it's rare to find a pro pad not made in Canada or the US (Sherwood being the exception to that rule).

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