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Originally Posted by overpass View Post
Soviet club teams also had good results against NHL teams in the late 70s and early 80s.
The CSKA team was basically their national team, and it had a very significant number of the top Soviet players. It was basically the best of the best, and them playing against the Philidelphia Flyers is hardly a fair representation from each league.

The Soviet advantage was that the majority of their top players played together on a club team.

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Yes, and it's called a Tarasov. Russia surpassed the levels of other nations that were playing hockey well before them, mostly thanks to him. Their advantage was that they were better, and he was a large part of that, but you can't hold that against the players, or against Russian hockey in general, when the discussion is regarding what level Russian hockey was at.
Tarasov played a role, but the biggest factor in Soviet international success was their "military" style club team. With all the top players playing together, under the same system, they were much better prepared for international competitions, and as a result, their success in said events are unpreportionate to the league's strength.

Doesn't the Czechs' emergence as international powerhouses coincide with their adoption of a similar military system?

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