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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Here’s a comparison of Russian scorers when they played against Canada. These are the 10 who scored the most goals against Canada.

Boris Mikhailov
30 goals in 46 games
0.65 goals per game

Alexander Yakushev
28 goals in 37 games
0.76 goals per game

Vyacheslav Starshinov
27 goals in 43 games
0.63 goals per game

Sergey Makarov
27 goals in 54 games
0.50 goals per game

Anatoly Firsov
26 goals in 35 games
0.74 goals per game

Valery Kharlamov
25 goals in 46 games
0.54 goals per game

Vladimir Petrov
25 goals in 48 games
0.53 goals per game

Vladimir Krutov
24 goals in 40 games
0.60 goals per game

Alexander Maltsev
20 goals in 48 games
0.42 goals per game

Igor Larionov
16 goals in 34 games
0.47 goals per game

Here are their goals per game rankings:
Alexander Yakushev – 0.76
Anatoly Firsov – 0.75
Boris Mikhailov – 0.65
Vyacheslav Starshinov – 0.63
Vladimir Krutov – 0.60
Valery Kharlamov – 0.54
Vladimir Petrov – 0.53
Sergey Makarov – 0.50
Igor Larionov – 0.47
Aleksander Maltsev – 0.42
I've seen that thread, and all it tells me is that Yakushev, who was primarily a goal scorer and who for whatever reason had Canada's number, scored more goals against Canada than Maltsev, who was primarily a playmaker.

I wish there were a way to include assist totals. That would be more useful in determining who played well against Canada, at least.

Maltsev was the only Soviet All-Star in the 76 Canada Cup for what that's worth.

Edit: To me, the stat is the international equivalent of showing who scored the most playoff goals against the Montreal Canadiens dynasty of the 50s (or 70s, or choose your dynasty that was the NHL's best team by a good margin for a number of years). It shows something, but it's a very minor and selective data point in showing who was a better player overall.

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