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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
you don't think Spacek has a little more value than that? Mueller was an 8th overall pick in 06, but outside of his rookie year he has not been very good... he's no longer waiver exempt so you'd have to keep him in the lineup.

I'm not a fan of having Spacek for 2 more years @ almost 4M$, but despite his early struggles he's started to pick up his play and is proving to be useful, if a little overpaid.

I'd think he should be enough straight up... so i wonder why you'd think we would have to "sweeten the pot" with D'ago...

is it because you value Mueller that much, or because you are even more unimpressed with Spacek (and his contract) than I am?
I don't think it matters what Spacek is worth. The Coyotes are a young team not intending to compete this season. To deal a young, still-promising player is highly unlikely. If they are fed up with his progress and want to give up on him, then they would do so in exchange for another former highly-touted youngster who has struggled. Think of the Latendresse/Pouliot deal. Dealing him for a player that doesn't help the team for its potential window of success (2-3 years from now--the time that Spacek nears retirement & his contract becomes a burden) is tantamount to crippling the franchise with misdirection.

Beyond that, I don't believe Spacek holds all that much value. Players like him are available almost every offseason. Phoenix didn't bid on his services. Montreal acquired Gomez's large contract and we know that Gainey had been interested in Gomez when he was a UFA. So it makes sense. In Phoenix's case, it doesn't.

Even more crucial and compelling is Phoenix's financial situation. They are in no position to absorb Spacek's contract while dumping a relatively cheap contract from Mueller.

I would also like to mention that Montreal fans are still hopeful that Andrei Kostitsyn will pan out. And that, as of last year, Carey Price was beginning to enter suspect territory after a strong rookie campaign. Mueller was drafted a year later than Price.

I'm not at all unimpressed with Spacek, by the way. I think he's a fine enough player. And I wasn't entirely serious about the D'Agostini bit: I've been underwhelmed by D'Agostini and feel he has little value.

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