Thread: Speculation: Our beloved J.R on the Flyers
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12-09-2009, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Scarfo View Post
It has to be daunting to a coach in his first NHL gig when the jobs of Mike Richards and Kimmo Timonen are a billion times more secure than your own.

I'm sure Stevens was tragically aware that the balance of power tilted towards his core: a group of smirky fratboys more concerned with Call of Duty and banging like screen doors than hockey. But, in the locker room, what leverage does he have to crack down?

I'm not saying Stevens was the greatest coach. But, it's hard to rein in a group of players that know with certainty that they will live to piss on your grave. It's a no-win proposition for ol' John.
Honestly, if you can't get over that dynamic and have success within it, you might as well get out of the coaching racket, because you're not going to find a team in the league where what you just noted isn't true:

1) Players always will "live to piss on your grave," and that will only grow as more teams commit to "franchise players" contractually.

2) It's a young man's game, and young guys are going to be interested in chasing tail and playing video games.

3) Coaching is's managing 20-30 personalities (including call ups and the like) of various ages, skill levels, salaries, etc.

You have to exert control and leadership over that...

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
I agree to an extent. John didn't exactly have much control over the locker room. I think he tried to assert himself as someone to look up to, but he tried to do it by becoming a "member of the team," so to speak.

In reality, I assume the team really did like Stevens for the most part. That doesn't necessarily mean he was the best man for the position.
As I noted in the past, Stevens had a bully mentality when it came to running this team. He held the "weaker" players over the coals, but never went after the "stronger" players for their crap. This was exacerbated by what seemed to simply be the guys he happened to like and those he didn't like (there was a marked bias in favor of former Phantoms he knew well, especially when he first got the gig). People keep throwing around the word "accountability"--even the media defending Stevens--and not considering the fact that Stevens effin sucked at instituting it. He'd watch Briere/Hartnell go out and take stupid minors on a regular basis, and then throw Upshall under the bus.


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