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12-09-2009, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
See, the problem is going to be that so much of the crap is just so damn casual. Pronger lays that hit last night and picks up 2 min...the other night Hartnell just runs into someone at center ice because he wants to...and then you got someone like Briere who has always been a chippy s.o.b. (I remember it with Buffalo, and it didn't get called nearly as much there)... Laviolette has his work cut out getting these guys to stop taking the unnecessary 2 minutes.

The culture of the team is going to take a bit...on the upside, we're already seeing notable changes in how the team plays the puck, so that's a positive.
To play Devil's Advocate a bit... a lot of this team got used to having an amazing PK where they could run around the ice causing merry hell and the team wouldn't really pay for it. We'd kill out the penalty and then score on a PP later on. But now our PK is mediocre at best and the team just isn't used to that. Not that that is a great excuse or anything, but I think it's an explanation.

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