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12-09-2009, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
To play Devil's Advocate a bit... a lot of this team got used to having an amazing PK where they could run around the ice causing merry hell and the team wouldn't really pay for it. We'd kill out the penalty and then score on a PP later on. But now our PK is mediocre at best and the team just isn't used to that. Not that that is a great excuse or anything, but I think it's an explanation.
Eh, I think it has less to do with the PK and more to do with the dead-stick coaching we were getting on that front.

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Call it a hunch or whatever...

But I think Giroux is going to remain inconsistent as a winger during his early career.

I have no basis for that opinion other than speculation and gut feeling really.
Odd gut feeling given that he played wing his entire life pretty much prior to coming to Philly...and its the easier position. Wherever he does end up, they need to just leave him there and stop jerking him back and forth.

I'd personally like to see him get a chance to center Gagne and Powe. That suggests moving Pyorala back to Richards line with Hartnell, but I'd be all for that as well.

I really think we have something special with this team when it's healthy. I'm actually a little annoyed that people are suggesting we let Gagne go to waste on the 3rd line when it seems to be the same people (can't be positive because it was a long time ago) that were suggesting it was absolute blasphemy to let Giroux rot centering Asham and Powe.

Either way. Laviolette + healthy roster = interesting decisions to be made.
Not a huge fan of Pyorala as a "1st liner"... I also don't like setting up Giroux to develop behind Richards and Carter on the depth chart. If you want/expect him to be more than a 3rd line player with the Flyers, then center isn't the position to develop him at.

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