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09-22-2003, 03:53 PM
Joe Maximum
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Judging from the posts on the boards concerning the habs future, a lot of you guys must play a lot of hockey videogames, where prospects are rated around 75 coming off the draft, and just improve 4-5 points per season till they hit a ceiling.

Unfortunately, developping prospects is much harder than that. Having a winning ( or semi-winning in our case lol ) environment will do wonders for a youngster as he learns the game. Do you guys think that Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg would have posted similar numbers and progressed as well playing in Montreal ? Probably not. Sure there are exceptions, like in Atlanta and other expansion cities, but in expansion cities there is not as much focus on the teams ( except for Minnesota maybe ). And also guys like Nash, Kovalchuk and Heatley who are told to sink or swim in the NHL are rare top 5 pick talent, and even then it doensn't always pan out, as players in non favorable environments will not develop right. Another example of favorable environments would be Colorado. Guys like Drury and Tanguay would have probably folded if sent in a less favored NHL team at a young age.

I think we should focus on winning now, not aiming for Ovechkin. Because even if to rebuild you have to hit rock bottom somewhere, I consider drafting Komisarek (our probable number 1 guy on the blueline for years to come) hitting rock bottom. Always looking too ahead and thinking bout getting the next stars in next year's draft is going to lead you nowhere, look at how the islanders went in circles for years before getting Yashin and Peca. If we can make the playoffs with our core of vets and maybe 3 or maximum 4 young talents, we can start the slow process of integrating youth to our lineup with a winning attitude, and hopefully we will follow the path the sens have followed.

As Pierre McGuire mentionned, having Doug Jarvis in Hamilton is an excellent move, because we need to have our youngsters in a favorable winning environment before sending them in the NHL. It is better to have a prospects who enter the NHL later but are fully ready than to rush them and hope for your scout to have hit a homerun with the draft pick.

Sorry bout the length of my post but I had to vent my frustrations bout people who want Higgins centering the 2nd line and Perezoghin on Koivu's flank ( most of those probably didn't even see him play because I went to both preseason games and while chris is impressive for a 19 year old, he still has ways to go before he is in our lineup. the POTENTIAL is there, that doesn't mean he's fulfilled it yet )

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