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12-20-2004, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Accord
You're acting like i'm playing with no pads at all, the equipment that i'm using is more than sufficient. First you criticize me for expensive equipment, now you're criticizing me for not enough equipment! I think you care very little about the type of equipment I use and you're more or less just looking for an argument. I've seen you doing this in threads with other people too, you just make little sarcastic comments with negative undertons which ends up really getting under the skin of other people, yet you always act like the good guy that never did anything wrong just because you didn't come and flat out flame them.
No, I just think its funny when guys blow $170 on a pair of gloves, $400 on skates, then wear Franklinesque shin pads and sherwood shoulder pads.They then take an 80 MPH slapper to the shin, shattering the shin pad and breaking their leg.

Also, if you werent stating flat out lies in the "stick tape" thread, I wouldnt have to be such a "meanie".

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